Welcome to our website

Welcome to the D. L. Lowrie Ministry Website. I began to follow my calling to the ministry of the Word in March, 1954. During this time I have served seven churches as pastor (one of them twice: First Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas).

From the beginning it has been my ambition to open the Word of God to the people of God, and to win the lost to Christ. God has been gracious to bless my work across these years in many places. So this site is opened to you out of gratitude to our heavenly Father. If you find anything helpful here, give Him the glory.

You will find here notes from my sermon preparation across the years. They have received a minimum of editing, so there may be mistakes and grammatical errors. Receive them for what they are: the attempt of a servant of the Word to put into writing what the Spirit has shown him as he prepared to preach. In my experience God regularly gives me more to share with the people than I have written down in preparation. The Spirit is best Interpreter of the Word.

 The notes to do cover all of the Scriptures, but they are presented in the order God gave in the Book. They begin with Genesis and end with Revelation.

If you find any help, tell someone about it.

We will continue to add new sermons as God enables. Be blessed in your walk and work for the Lord of hosts.

D. L. Lowrie