May 2020 Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Update: Alice and I are still virus free, thanks to the mercy of God and the prayers of friends like you. We are virus free, but our hearts are heavy about the plight of our churches and our nation. God has brought us to our knees, and most of our people do not know it. Our pastor told our church when it began to happen that it is a wake-up call to the church. He has called our church into a special prayer effort.


Baptist Press (you can read it online) carried a story yesterday, and another one today about something good happening in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Next to East Tennessee, this my favorite place in the country. 

The story is of a 95 year old retired pastor that asked God to let him go to heaven two years ago, when he was 93. The Lord showed him that instead of coming to heaven, he was to stay on earth and pray for a Spiritual Awakening in our land. He has been obedient to the Lord for two years--he made a prayer garden on a mountain, and  goes to that prayer garden to seek the face of God for Awakening every day. A few weeks ago my fiends Dr. Greg Mathis and David Horton went to visit him. While visiting with him, God touched their hearts in such a way that they felt compelled to join him. You can read their story and what has happened since on Praying On the Mountain/Mud Creek online. 

I have committed myself to join them on May 5 for a day of prayer for Awakening. I want to invite you to visit their website, and sign up for the day. The list is growing by the thousands. Brother Lunsford wanted 100 preachers to join him, but there are more than a hundred thousand. I am inviting members of the Bacon Heights church in Lubbock to come to the church, and spend personal time seeking the Lord with me on May 5. 

Interestingly at Bacon Heights when their pastor resigned in January, the staff led the church to make banners with the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14 to hang in the worship center. This is what we will do: we will humble ourselves and seek His face. 

The political crowd don't have a clue! They think if we lock our doors, and they spend more money than the world has ever seen that the problems will go away. But God sent it, and only God can take it away. Would it not be great to return to our churches to worship with cleansed hearts in the fullness of the Holy Spirit? That is what Awakening looks like. It is me being broken, healed, cleansed and renewed in the Holy Spirit. Alice and I invite you to come to your place of prayer, and bring someone with you on May 5. Anytime. All Day. As God leads. 

Revive us again, O Lord. amen

D. L. and Alice Lowrie